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Re: AO-51 :( what's going on?

Hi Greg,

I think it's a bit unreasonable for the command team to tell us every step 
of the way such as what part of the checklist has been done and what the 
results are.  From a long history as an engineer on some pretty complex 
projects, I can assure you that if something good happens, you don't talk 
about it until you've confirmed your findings.  Likewise if you find 
something that doesn't look right. With approximately 4 -6 passes each day 
to run tests, that means the control team has roughly 60-90 minutes of test 
time per day - not much when you consider that engineering teams at this 
stage of a terrestrial project would be pulling 15 hour days.

Having said all of that, AO-51 looked very healthy including the late pass 
here on the west coast last night.  People reported hearing it over Europe 
this morning but by the time it got to me here on the west coast again it 
was silent. I have two theories, both good.

One possibility is that the test team has many other subsystems to check 
out like the PSK uplink and the S-band downlink.  They can be testing these.

Another the test team noticed that there was this "transmitter hang" report 
in the telemetry and have decided to review the software to make sure there 
was no bug.  It's possible they decided to turn the transmitters off until 
they have had time to finish a review, which is a prudent move.  I would have.

In any event, just like giving the AO-40 team space during the recovery 
phase, we also need to give this control team the same courtesy.  In the 
future AMSAT might consider adding a "public relations" member to control 
teams, but until they do, let's not pressure them too much.



At 06:29 PM 7/9/2004 -0500, Greg Wycoff wrote:
>As the commissioning goes on for AO-51 it seems the status reports have gone
>from keeping us well informed, to whats going on. I like most hate to
>address my question directly to the command team as we know they are very
>active in the commissining process, So if someone in the know could please
>advise the general satellite group as to what is going on with AO-51 and to
>what we can do to help, as in what freq. to be monitoring for collecting tlm
>data or general reports for the team.
>where is AO-51 in the commissioning process and how much more is to be done.
>no news is good news, maybe so but I think most would like to know.
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