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Does anyone work SO-50?

I just worked myself (hi hi) from horizon to horizon on an East Coast pass
of SO-50.  Since I'm using a full duplex HT, I was able to clearly hear
myself on the downlink so I know I was getting in just fine.  I called CQ on
about 15 second intervals and never heard anyone else on the bird for the
entire pass.

So my question is:

Why is nobody working this satellite?!?  It's an easy LEO bird.  I've been
out of it since UO-14 became a SK and just figured that SO-50 would be just
as busy as UO-14 used to be.  Maybe nobody realizes it is active?  If that
is the case, then I'm here to tell you it is working just great for me! ;-)

There's another good U.S./Canada pass coming up at about 0300 UTC.  Maybe
I'll hear somebody on that one.


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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