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Filter for V/U U/v seperation, FYI

I tried two duplexers to try to eliminate my 2m interfering with 70cm. I
tested 70cm receive first with a local repeater without duplexers in line
S9+ signal. Tested same repeater with Diamond MX-72H in line before the mast
mounted preamp, signal strength S3, Tested with Comet CF-4160 same place
and did not get any reading on the s meter. They both reduced or eliminated
the interfering 2m signal, but apparently my 70cm as well. Now looking at a
dci bandpass filter with approx   .25db insertion loss.

" A few weeks ago there was some discussion on the bb about
  desense between 2M and 440cm side of things.  A Comet Duplexor
  was suggested as well as some commerical filters. "

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