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Echo Operating Schedule?

Hello Clive,
I've also had limited success receiving Echo, although I'm only using a dipole dangling out of the window. I did receive some telemetry using the TS-2000 TNC a few days ago but apart from that every time I've listened I've heard nothing at all. Perhaps it's off over the UK? 
By the way - I also get quite strong signals from the Sandy Heath TV transmitter on 70cms, with Channel 4 audio just above the Echo frequency. I wonder if you hear that at all down at Hitchen? Could just be overloading effects in my front end as the transmitter is line-of-site and only 5 Kms away.    
73's Chris G4SDG
Bedford, England
From: Clive Wallis <clivew@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:clivew@DOMAIN.HIDDEN>> 
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 08:59:46 +0100 

I've had some success in receiving and demodulating ECHO with MIXW, but
suspect that I may have a strange intermittent problem with my FT-726 on
435 MHz. or perhaps on my antenna.

When I've heard it, signals have been very strong, but on most passes
over the UK, I haven't been able to hear it.

Is the 435.150 MHz beacon ON continuously?


         Clive    G3CWV

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