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Re: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

Mike Gilchrist wrote:

> None of the confusion is on my part.  I will state again, the FT-50 is a 
> full duplex radio, in that while transmitting through a bent pipe 
> repeater, one hears their own downlink.
> Again, someone else who has successfully used the FT-50 as a full duplex 
> sat rig please come to my rescue!

Mike, it appears that YOUR Yaesu FT-50r doesn't work like MY Yaesu 
FT-50r (or some other folks' FT-50r's).  Mine is an older model, was 
originally an FT-50r and had the upgrade to FT-50rd done later 
(replacement keypad which added new tone and voice recording abilities), 
and it has the old firmware that is reportedly able to be more easily 
"freebanded" (though I never even tried that trick).

Anyway, just to make sure, I programmed a UHF receive / VHF transmit 
pair into memory 96 just like you described.  Of course, I had no 
trouble doing that, I've always known the radio could do that, as I have 
some memory channels programmed like that for debugging our local VHF 
repeater via its UHF remote link frequencies.  **BUT** I then tuned my 
FT-847 to the programmed UHF reception frequency of the FT-50r, 
confirmed that when I keyed up the '847 that the '50r could hear it 
without trouble, and then keyed up the '50r.  NO MORE RECEPTION on UHF 
while the '50r was transmitting on VHF.  My FT-50r simply stops 
receiving while it is transmitting.  BTW, this is identical to my 
experience with the repeater setup.  I transmit on UHF, the local 
repeater hears me on the UHF link and re-transmits me on VHF, but I 
don't hear my own signal on VHF, I only hear the repeater courtesy beep 
when I unkey.  This is completely different from what happens with the 
FT-847 or FT-5100, where I do hear my VHF signal while I talk on UHF.

So if your FT-50r can do this trick, congratulations to you, or too bad 
for me.  Maybe we need to compile a list of serial numbers that DO and 
DON'T operate this way, to see if we can figure out where the change 
occurred (if it is a firmware issue).  Mine is 6K112044.  Sorry if I 
contributed to any aggravation on your part, that was never my intention.

73 always,
John P. Tocano, WØJT
Amsat-NA Life Member #2292

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