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RE: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

Just a minor clarification...

>To fully exploit the TH-D7, a GPS unit, a connecting 
>cable and a PC cable would also needed. The PC cable 
>alone retails for $67 US dollars in Canada.

*The GPS is not needed if you can look on a map
and read your LAT/LONG.  Just manually enter it.

*The radio comes with one cable that can be used
as either the GPS cable or the PC cable since it is
simply a sub-mini stereo connector.  The other end
is a pigtail for soldering to your GPS connector or
to a DB-9 for your PC.

If you want to prepare another cable, again it is
just a sub-mini stereo plug on one end and a DB-9 
serial port connector on the other end.  About $4 
worth of parts at Radio shack.

Not worth paying the $67 unless the user has troble
soldering 3 wire connectors.....


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