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L Band amps

Group, A while back a few were commenting and asking about L band amps. I 
just recieved one about 2 weeks ago  from Dirk Fisher Electronics in Germany. I 
have tested it out and performed a few tests. Driving it up to its 10 watt 
input, 110 watts out. It was built for constant duty ATV use..(I wont be using it 
for that), the quality is very high standards. The heat sink is much bigger 
than my TE Amps complete housing, and wieghs about 50 lbs. 2- 12 volt cooling 
fans. It hardly even got warm during some long keydowns. It is broadband from 
1260-1300 so it will even be good to use on 1296. he has a 
website....http://www.dk2fd.de if anyone would like to see what he has to offer. Lots of goodies. 
Check him out if you have not already.

                  73 Pete
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