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RE: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

While there is no doubt that the Kenwood TH-D7 is a wonderful radio for
the sats and ISS, it is also the most expensive handheld.

For those in the USA, the cost difference compared to other handhelds is
not as drastic, but, here in Canada, the costs are substantially more.
In other parts of the world the situation is probably even worse.

Kenwood TH-D7AG: $319.95
Shipping: ?
Taxes: ?
Total: $320-$380 depending on shipping and taxes.

Icom IC-W32A:    $249.99
Shipping: ?
Taxes: ?
Total: $250-$300 depending on shipping and taxes.

Canadian Retailer:
Kenwood TH-D7AG: $429.00
Shipping:           Free
Taxes:            $62.00
Total:           $491.00

Icom IC-W32A:    $355.00
Shipping:           Free
Taxes:            $51.50
Total:           $406.50

Import into Canada:
Kenwood TH-D7AG: $319.95
Shipping:         $20.00
Brokerage Fees:   $25.00
Taxes:            $46.00
Total:           $410.95

Icom IC-W32A:    $249.99
Shipping:         $20.00
Brokerage Fees:   $25.00
Taxes:            $36.00
Total:           $330.99

I have converted all prices to US dollars (1.35:1) for comparison

Also, when one imports a US radio into Canada, the warranty is only
honoured in the USA, so any repairs under warranty would have to be
shipped across the border with the higher shipping costs and potentially
more brokerage fees.

A used full duplex radio can be purchased and imported if necessary for
less than $250. Used radios are often not charged taxes on import, and
shipping can be done via parcel post rather than couriers. Couriers
often charge exorbitant brokerage fees. Most retailers will not ship by
parcel post as they require the ability to track their shipments. So
buying a used radio in a private deal can result in good savings.

To fully exploit the TH-D7, a GPS unit, a connecting cable and a PC
cable would also needed. The PC cable alone retails for $67 US dollars
in Canada.

So, if one can afford the TH-D7, it is a great radio, but if costs are
an issue a used handheld with full duplex capability will provide voice
operation via the FM sats. Still better to do voice only, than not to
participate at all.


On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 21:56, WalterH wrote:
> The D7 is really the ONLY choice, if you wan to get the most out of the
> satellites. Because of the ability to also work the APRS packet modes via
> ISS and others. It's really handy to send your position packets up through
> ISS, as well as see others too.
> I have had the D7 for many years, and when joined with an Arrow dualband
> antenna, it's a very powerful package that packs away quite nicely.
> Best of luck,
> Walter/K5WH

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