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Re: RE: [QRP-L] Hard Drive Failure, THANKS

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 02:17:44PM -0400, NA4FM (Buck) wrote:
> Robert,
> HDDs as well, but more often than not, I keep CD-ROMs of 'My Documents'

Be aware that CD-ROMs can and do suffer from "bit-rot."
(The ones you burn yourself, the jury is still out on the commercially
pressed ones.) Tape stored under good conditions does not.
Reburning your valuable CD-ROMs once in a while is not a bad idea.
Keeping off-site copies of valuable data is important too. A RAID
is great, until the house/office burns down.

> and other places of important data.  With the cost of CD-ROMS under
> $0.20 each, there can't be many less-expensive options.

I would not trust a CD-ROM at $0.20. Pay for the good quality namebrand
ones, its still cheaper than losing your data.

> I service computers for a living and learned that most hard drive
> failures occur only on one partition.  Most of my drives have several

Modern ATA use sector slipping. However, if a drive starts doing a lot
of sector slipping, its time for a new drive. Paying attention to the
error log is important.

- Diane VA3DB
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