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RE: [QRP-L] Hard Drive Failure, THANKS


I purchased a computer specifically because it had three open drive
bays.  I placed a removable IDE HDD tray in one and have CD and DVD in
the others.  This allows me to have an internal HDD, and as many
removable HDDs as I can afford for backup etc.  I partition each drive
into 1/3 and 2/3 sizes.  The 1/3 partition is large enough to hold the
2/3 partition as an image backup with Drive Image or Norton Ghost with
maximum compression.  Additionally, I can make copies to my removable
HDDs as well, but more often than not, I keep CD-ROMs of 'My Documents'
and other places of important data.  With the cost of CD-ROMS under
$0.20 each, there can't be many less-expensive options.

I service computers for a living and learned that most hard drive
failures occur only on one partition.  Most of my drives have several
partitions for that reason.  My network servers are backed up by
removable HDD and automatic backup operations between computers at night
to keep the latest data safe.  

Good luck with your recovery and in the future.

For what it's worth,

Reliable, Fast, Cheap
Pick any two

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> I received many many replies from my off topic posting.
> I love ham radio and the generosity of people to others
> in need. THANK YOU. My investigations reveal that this would
> be the single largest expenditure on equipment I have made in 
> two years.  Many of you know me, and so you understand what 
> that means:  this is extremely expensive.  It is that way 
> because companies, having as poor a back up situation as I 
> did, have lost vital data and will pay whatever it takes to 
> get the problem fixed.  The market will bear the price, and 
> it is high.
> My failure is in the spindle and POSSIBLY a disk head.
> The disk had droppings put on it for ten minutes before I
> figured out what was happening.   I had important family
> financial, tax, etc. backed up as well as most important
> code work I am doing now.  But I lost a book I was working
> on, a large article and all research that went into it
> for QST,  a large article and all research that went into
> it for an article for QEX, a large article and all research 
> that went into it for an article for CQ VHF, and all design 
> work on several antennas including a small vertical array for 
> 160 meters for N2NT and W2GD.  It has mostly stopped my work 
> on the SDR-1000 for a month while I attempt to recover.
> Life is too short and I can afford a full raid disk, and 
> excellent back up, and a high quality UPS much more readily 
> than I can afford to lose exactly 1/10 of my life's work.
> Thanks again to all who wrote.
> Bob McGwier
> N4HY
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