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Re: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

Wow, this is generating quite a few emails. That's great as we should
get a good list of equipment and hopefully that will translate into more
operators trying the satellites.

There is also some controversy regarding certain models, which is also
good as we will get some how-to's as well.

Seems we need to define full duplex. Full duplex allows the operator to
hear his own downlink from the satellite, while transmitting on the
uplink to the satellite. Full duplex is NOT just the ability to store
frequencies from different bands in the same memory channel. Some of the
confusion here comes from the terminology used with repeaters,
specifically simplex and duplex. In the repeater world, the term,
duplex, is often used to denote different transmit and receive
frequencies. In satellite operation, not only are the transmit and
receive frequencies different, but the radio must be able to receive and
transmit simultaneously. The receiver cannot be muted during transmit
for satellite full duplex operation.

It should also be noted that full duplex is not absolutely essential to
operate the satellites, however, it is extremely desirable.

So here's the list of full duplex equipment as it stands now:


Voice and digital modes:
Kenwood TH-D7

Voice only:
Icom IC-W32
Yaesu FT-470
Yaesu FT-530
Kenwood TH-77
Kenwood TH-78 Full Duplex?
Kenwood TH-79 Mod required to receive satellite sub-band?
Yaesu FT-50R Full Duplex?
Yaesu FR-51R Full Duplex?
Alinco DJ-G5T Untested on satellites
Alinco DJ-580T needs 12V battery pack EPB-28NH

Yaesu FT-5200
Icom 2728H

Yaesu FT-847


Thanks to Cliff Buttschardt K7RR for forwarding a How-To for the Kenwood
TH-D7A. See the attachment on Cliff's message or the file on my website:

How do we get the how-to's put onto the AMSAT website?


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