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[Fwd: Re: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?]

Anyone familiar with the Radio Shack HTX-420 and Icom IC-2720?

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> From: JerryE5109@aol.com
> To: ve7cla@shaw.ca
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?
> Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 10:02:32 -0400
> Hi Darrell,
>      What do you know about  a Radio Shack HTX-420 dual band  On field
> day a year ago I RX great reception from UO-14.  It has crossband, but
> I don't know how to configure it.  It is really a nic rig.  I also
> have an IC-2720 mobile unit which does a nice job.I would ask on the
> bb, but they won't let me on.  I don't know how to use plain text or
> get rid of html.  I'm really dumb.  I might add that I also have what
> appears to be the required equiptment, TNC,s, excetera to work ECHO. 
> I read all of the input on operating  the bird.  I guess I' that
> advanced.  As you can see, it is tough working alone,hihi. 
>      Your suggestions, or anyone elses would be most appreciated. 
> Ofcourse, I want to waite until the bird is cleared to work.
> Thanks,
> Jerry   
> AMSAT  # 20096 AC-Rio Grande Valley

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