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RE: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?


Can you actually hear your own downlink on the FT-50 while you are
transmitting or is the receiver muted?


On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 08:08, Mike Gilchrist wrote:

> You are not limited to V/V or U/U operation; you can mix VHF and UHF VFO 
> channels for cross-band semi-duplex operation!
> I can tell you this: my Yaesu FT-5100 mobile is capable of cross band 
> repeat, but the FT-50 is not.  However, you can transmit on VHF and listen 
> on UHF (or vice versa) with the FT-50 in FULL DUPLEX mode.
> 73, Mike kf4fdj

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