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Re: Full Duplex on the LEOs

At 12:43 PM 7/8/2004 +0000, Stan wrote:

>NO, full duplex is not an absolute requirement, but it makes for more 
>enjoyable and efficient QSOs.

I agree with this basically.  I think we all start off in half-duplex mode 
- I know I did.  But it gets tired quickly and switching to full-duplex was 
probably the best move I ever made. So as much as one can work the 
satellites in half-duplex, if you are serious about working satellites, 
full-duplex. So while you can use half-duplex, you should prepare to 
upgrade to full-duplex rather quickly.

Upgrading to full-duplex doesn't have to mean an expensive new rig.  Many 
FM mobile and handhelds have dual cross-band vfos.  My first was the Icom 
2728H and the Icom W32A, which I still use with the Arrow.  (I'm sure there 
are other rigs from Kenwood and Yaesu that have similar features.)  You 
won't need to dump the dual-band ground plane antenna if you put together 
appropriate filters. The back of the Diamond MX-72 duplexer has diagrams 
that will help you build them.

However, having gone down the "half-measures" route, there is nothing that 
can compare to the user experience one gets with a full duplex rig, 
appropriate pre-amps and good beam antennas.

If you insist on running half-duplex, PLEASE don't transmit until you can 
hear other people using the satellite.  It's easier to jam a satellite than 
it is to hear it.



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