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RE: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

No go.  That is exactly how I have it setup and when I transmit on the 2m
side it blocks the audio on the 70cm side.


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Yes, the FT-51R is full duplex.  Have you been opening the squelch all the
way to hear the bird?  Try this, open the squelch all the way.  Put the
satellite downlink in the sub band.  Adjust the audio so you only hear the
sub band.  Then transmit on the main band.  It should work full duplex just

You can test it this way if there are active repeaters in your area. 
Put an active 70cm repeater in the sub band.  No need to open squelch and
leave audio balanced.  When the repeater comes on transmit into a local 2
meter repeater.  You should be able to still hear the 70cm repeater while
transmitting on 2 meters.  It is possible there is a menu function that has
been activated on your radio that mutes the sub band while transmitting, but
I have not seen it before.

73 and Good Luck,

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