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FT-847 and MixW

Well, thanks to Hasan et al, my CT-39 cable just arrived ($9.95 from HRO).
The very first thing I did was identify the PTT contact and snip that(red)
wire! The wire color chart on the package is incorrect, however, as it
stated brown wire is sig gnd (correct) and white wire is 9k6 RX data
(actually orange wire). Cut-strip-twist.......
I then sent a 9k6 APRS bcon on 435.150 with the trusty D7A(G)... hot
diggity, MixW decoded it. The signal is fed directly into the "mic" port for
the onboard sound circuit on my Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop.......Now where
the heck is AO-51??? I'll see if it works tonight or tomorrow..... Then on
to tlmEcho
BTW, we are still short on the Echo launch fund... PayPal 'em a buck or 2

Mac, W8XF

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