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Re: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

Good question Doug. I've been having trouble trying to figure out which
handhelds do have full duplex.

It seems like the full duplex feature is not in much demand. The
manufacturers don't put it in the specs or list of features, and even
the ARRL reviews don't mention it. For example, except for the
information from the amsat-bb and eham reviews, I would not have been
able to tell if the TH-D7 was full duplex or not. Kenwood also states on
their website that the new TH-F6A is the "Best HT ever for Satellite
operation (including AO-27)" and yet it does not have full duplex

Those who know of full duplex handhelds that are capable of working the
FM sats please post the make and model on the bb or email me direct and
I will compile a list.

Suitable radios for phone operation should have full duplex, sub-audible
tone encode, 3 to 5 watts output, an earphone jack, and several memories
capable of storing cross band frequencies.


On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 12:20, Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:
> What other HT's, that aren't currently available new, work
> full-duplex?
> 73, doug

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