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Re: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

>>> Darrell Bellerive <ve7cla@shaw.ca> 7/7/04 12:21:56 PM >>>
> Will I use the digital capabilities of the TH-D7? 
>I do have an eTrex GPS unit.
Think of the D7 as a digital communicator that can work
just about anywhere at any time (not just satellites).  It
can send and receive messages and data between any
two of them just about anywhere on the planet that is in
the APRS realm.   All you need to know is the callsign
of the recepient.  That's all there is to it.

Also in addition to showing you the nearest 40 other APRS
stations around you, their position, course, speed, Icon
and text status, it also shows you any Ham WX data,
warnings,etc.  If someone is runing APRSdata it also
shows you the range and bearing to any satellites in view
as well as their uplink and downlink frequency.

Think of it as your Ham radio tiny-web-page-viewer for 
all that is going on around you.  Ask it the nearest
hospital, ham store, Radio shack, EOC, Club, Net, etc
and if there is an INFOKIOSK or APRSDATA server
in the area, it will display the answer as well as all the
related infomration about it.

Plug in your GPS and now it's map become a diplay
for the radio to show you where everything is...

>My only foray into digital communications has been a 
>bit of terrestrial AX.25 on 2 metres in the early 90's. 
>...I need to do more research into APRS and it's use in 
>satellites. The ability to send an emergency message 
>from the back country, or to be able to conduct two 
>way digital contacts via satellite would be of interest.

Most backcountry areas are also covered by terrestrial
APRS too.  The State of New Mexico has almost 40
mountain top APRS digipeaters assuring TH-D7 HT
coverage almost anywhere in that vast wilderness

>Although without a keyboard, the TH-D7 would seem 
>to be a bit cumbersome to use to send text back and 

Depends on how much you want to communicate....
Or, you can always plug in your laptop and then
there is no limit to typing, nor display...

>Also, can someone point me to a good website with 
>information on APRS Satgate? 

An APRS satgate is no different from any APRS home
station.  The only difference is that the station's radio
is not on the NorthAmerican APRS frequency of 144.39,
but is on the downlink of one of the APRS satellites
such as PCSAT, ISS, ECHO, NO-45, and next year
PCSAT2, ANDE and RAFT.  The satgate, just like
any home station APRS captures everything it hears
and sends it live into the global APRS internet system.

Any of the APRS programs will do this, WinAPRS,
UIview, etc. (but not APRSdos)... just look under
the menus and activate your igate...

Try my web page which coverse some of these topics:


de WB4APR, Bob

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