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Re: ECHO telem--"empty" .csv files?

On Tuesday 06 July 2004 09:52, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> First, congrats to all who made Echo successful!
> Second, I finally got a chance to try and grab some Echo telemtry last
> night.
> I can indeed see the BBS packets in the "Downlink" window, so the tlmecho
> program is hearing the TNC.
> Here is my observation and question: at the end of the pass (and another
> unattended pass or two last night), the .csv files were created, but they
> do not appear to include any telemtry data.
> Should we expect telemetry data every pass?
> Is there an option/feature I need to toggle on?
> (I'm pretty sure I have all the files needed: tlmecho.exe, echocoef.csv,
> and cpbini.txt).
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark L. Hammond    [N8MH]

Hi Mark,
   nothing you need to turn on to capture telem... it depends it they are 
commanding and what's going on,  on the pass that just occurred here I must 
have had over a hundred plus "lines" fly through the downlink window yet all 
said and done only 20 telem lines...  so watch a couple passes and see if you 
don't start seeing something in the RAW and ENG csv files...

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