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RE: Handheld for Echo and FM Sats?

Another factoid is that 38% of the 11,000 APRS stations
on the air in the world use a  D7 or D700.  Also, while 
mobile, 85% of all APRS   mobiles use the D7/D700 as 
their only source of receiving mobile data.

Its a lot of stuff in that radio...  And when ECHO is enabled
for APRS, it will allow handheld digital satellite communications..

>>> "A.J. Farmer" <ajfarmer@spenet.com> 7/5/04 9:27:57 PM >>>
>The Kenwood TH-D7 is an excellent choice for a number 
>of reasons.  For phone operations on Echo, you will be 
>able to use the full duplex feature of the radio so you 
>can actually hear yourself on the downlink while you are
>The built in APRS features of the TH-D7 will allow you
> to receive satellite pass information "over the air" from 
>a nearby satgate.  This way your HT will tell you when 
>the satellite is coming, the direction, etc!  You can
>also work ISS and PCSAT using APRS with your TH-D7.
>A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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