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HELP!!!! - Major Frustration

Hi all, 

Can somebody please help me.  I am experiencing extreme frustration with
echo.  I am trying to just hear it, not even begin to decode the telm
yet.  I know what 9600 baud data sounds like, and I know to just look
for a rise in the s meter, but I am, getting nothing.  I have had
several good passes, and nothing.

I am not sure if my keps are off, or if there is a problem in the
receive chain.

Heres the setup:

Icom 706MKIIG rig
Rig blaster
2m 5/8 antenna on a ground plane, also tunes nicely on 72 cm
About 50 feet of RG8U mini coax (I know it's not the best, but I should
be getting something

I live in EN91cd, Just south of cleveland ohio, here are the pass
predictions for tomorrow
If someone that knows for sure could tell me if my keps are at least
right, that would help

I am using the ones that were posted on the amsat site this morning

Created by Satscape written by Scott Hather - http://www.satscape.co.uk

SATELLITE---------  DATE-------    TIME----    S-AZ    MAX EL-----
AMSAT-ECHO          06 JUL 2004    00:44:31    222     10 (AZ 272)
00:11:58    324         Yes     No 
AMSAT-ECHO          06 JUL 2004    11:11:14    023     29 (AZ 092)
00:13:51    168         Yes     No 
AMSAT-ECHO          06 JUL 2004    12:50:06    003     31 (AZ 296)
00:13:46    222         Yes     No 
AMSAT-ECHO          06 JUL 2004    14:31:22    337     02 (AZ 312)
00:05:57    287         Yes     No 
AMSAT-ECHO          06 JUL 2004    20:49:57    089     05 (AZ 052)
00:09:04    016         Yes     No 
AMSAT-ECHO          06 JUL 2004    22:24:26    146     43 (AZ 072)
00:15:07    354         Yes     Yes


Timothy A. Holmes 
W8TAH - Amateur Radio Extra Class Operator 
StormNet Chase 9 
Certified Advanced Skywarn Spotter 
Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Medina County
Web page:  http://www.qsl.net/w8tah 
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