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Wisp, WispDDE and ARS ?

Hi All,

	Am trying to get Wisp, WispDDE (v4.2.1) and ARS (rotor
interface) to all work together with my IC-910H and MixW.

	So far I have Wisp talking to WispDDE and sometimes to ARS too.
I set up the rotor in Wisp to DDE.  I set the rotor interface in WispDDE
to none as the ARS is not listed as one of the choices.  In ARS under
the Opt/ sat tracking menu I choose WispDDE.  This seems to work about
70% of the time.  On some passes Wisp talks to WispDDE but ARS never
gets the "signals" from WispDDE.  

	I find that the WispDDE setup for the radio does not cause the
IC-910H to respond (via the CT-17 interface.  Nor does the satellite
data button operate under the DDE link tab.  

	Can someone please set me straight on what I am doing wrong?


     73, Chris / KF7KN

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