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"listening" to 9k6

Hi amsat friends
Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how to rekognize a 9k6
It has allready been said, that it's difficult to hear, it's actually
just a slight
change in the "character" of the noise,.... Easy to hear if u've tried
it before, but
otherwise close to impossible.

But..... There is hope, IF u have an oscilloscope (doesn't have to be a
fancy one) 
u simply connect the scope to the 9k6 output (if u have one) or to an
early stage of
audio (discriminator out, detector out or similar).

By carefully adjusting the "trigger" knob, u can get something called an
which will look like several sinewaves overlapping eachother.
The distance (in case of 9k6) between 2 "tops" (or bottoms) will be
approx. 0.1 ms
(which is typically one square on ur scope, if u set ur time base to 0.1

I have used this method many times, but unfortunately i cannot take a
picture right
now, as I am in the middle of changing QTH.

Good luck, 73 de OZ4UI/Lars

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