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Re: MixW on higher data rates


I'm not sure it will happen primarily because of the A/D converter bandwidth
on most "generic" sound cards... It will barely do 38k4. I have a similar
with the Motorola DSP56002EVM-RI in that the DSP has plenty of horsepower,
but the
A/D converter is on the ragged edge when it comes to sample bandwidth as I
understand it... I hope I'm wrong and we do see it happen, but if it does,
it'll most likely be on a select few sound cards, not the "generic" stuff we
see in computers now.

I do have 38k4 dwn and 9k6 up code for the 56002 and will be trying it
during Experimenters' Day when/if I upgrade the IF out on my FT-847 (Symek

Below is from the development team that did the 38k4 56002 code:

Audio required bandwidth (baseband radio interface):
38.0 kbps: 23 kHz!!!
28.8 kbps: 18.7 kHz
19.2 kbps: 12.5 kHz

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."

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> does anyone know if higher data rates are planned for the MixW program ?
> RX  and TX data rates of 38K4,   57K6,   and 76K8  Bps for Echo
> experimenters day ?
> Stan, Wa1ECF

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