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Step by step instructions for TH-D7 and TlmEcho (kiss mode, etc)

	Hey guys,

	These are very basic instructions to get your TH-D7 to work with  

	Hope it helps somebody. Feel free to post it on a website somewhere.


	Michel Castejon, KC8UFL

	Setting a TH-D7A in 9600 baud to receive echo:

	* Disable Battery saver, otherwise you will loose the first part of  
the packets

		[MENU] - RADIO (1) - SAVE (2) - BAT SAVER (1)- OFF

	* Make sure your TNC have the right settings:
		[MENU] - RADIO (1)- TNC (4) - PACKET BAND (1) - B
		[MENU] - RADIO (1) -TNC (4) - DCD SENSE (2) - D or T Band

		Note: APRS settings under the APRS menu do not come into play if  
trying to use TlmEcho

	* Connect the radio to the computer and set your computer serial port,  
if you haven't done so.

	* using hyperterminal or other serial console configure it  for 9600  
(8-N-1) Xon/Xoff
	* Press the [TNC] button twice until you see TNC -AND-  PACKET on the  
TH-D7 display and in the computer:
		(Note: pressing [TNC] once puts your radio in stand alone APRS mode.  
Not what we want for TlmEcho)

		TASCO Radio Modem
		AX.25 Level 2 Version 2.0
		Release 09/15/99 2Chip ver 2.00
		Checksum $CF
		cmd:MY KC8UFL
		cmd:PORTO $0000
		PORTOUT  was $0000

		Note: that the MY and PORTO commands execute automatically.

	* Now, put the TNC in 9600 bauds by using the HB (page 54 / step 6)  
command like so:

		cmd:HB 9600
		HBAUD    was 1200
		Note: even though there is a place for 9600 on the TH-D7 display it  
will NOT show up.

	* Setting the TH-D7 into kiss mode:
		cmd: kiss on
		kiss was OFF
		cmd: restart

		note: once you hit enter after restart, you will see "sta" and "conn"  
blink a few times
		 in the little box next to the TNC on the display. This happens very  
		Also this is probably the last thing you will see in hyperterminal.

	* quit hyperterminal, yes it will say, do you wish to disconnect, say  

	* Open tlmEcho, (configure the CPBINI.txt file with your port number,  
call sign, etc.)

	* You should be ready to receive on the next satellite pass !!!
	Good luck & 73,

	Michel Castejon, KC8UFL

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