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Re: MixW vs hardware TNC

 I think it is worth mentioning that it has been strongly suggested that
MiXW doesn't do as good a job decoding telemetry as a hardware TNC.  Howard
G6LVB has mentioned this , also  Clive G3CWV has found this in some
simultaneous records with MiXW and my 2232 I had sent to him, when MiXW has
been become avaliable (2 years ago?). Clive perfers the hardware collected
data. The AEA 2232 here, always collects more complete data.
 So, has anyone done a side by side comparison with the ECHO data? I would,
but I'm going to be on travel over the next 2 or 3 weeks for work. Perhaps
the control ops would like to comment?

73 Jeff kb2m

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