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echo & tmd700e from UK

Hi chaps,

here is this morning's automatic computer rx from Echo from here in IO92NL:

PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-1    > TIME-1   :PHT: uptime is 002/07:23:22.  Time is Mon Jul 05
10:52:46 2004 
PACB-1    > TLMI-1   :<binary tlm> 
PACB-1    > TLMS-1   :C0:05 C1:44 C2:76 C3:27 C4:04 
PACB-1    > BCR-1    :BCR: batv=1444 bati=177 batsense=50 battop=1444
batlow=0 batt1=624 batt2=1238 sav=1240 sai=545
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-12   > BBSTAT-0 :Open ABCD: 
PACB-11   > STATUS-0 :B: 654340 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 

For the benefit of those with tmd700e I will describe my set up (there were
some erors in my last description)

1  I use Packcom to open up the tmd700e - I think any packet s/w will do
2.Within Packcom,  enter KISS ON   TRACE ON and MONITOR ON  (I don' t know
if they are all strictly needed but, hey...) 
3. Close Packcom and do NOT touch the tmd700E
3 start tlmECHO on the same comm port and the only mods I have done to the
.ini file are to set the comm port to 9600 (which the tmd700e demands) and
my c/s and locator
4 my antenna - a 3 ele linear yagi in vertical orientation -  is pointed to
the position (az and el) in the sky where the satellite will be at maximum
elevation (prefer 60 degrees+) as calculated with sts+ (I'm sure any other
prediction prog will work)
5 wait ...
6 as sat reaches maxel you will hear the squelch lifting early -> late.
However the transmisson will doppler into the 9k6 passband for about 5-10
seconds with a result like the above.
7 this generates .csv files - I've just emailed yesterday's to ke4azn

I have used this technique tio monitor STARSHINE, SAFIR and QUAKESAT - and
now ECHO. It really does work.

73 de andy G0SFJ

callsign AT amsat dot org

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