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ECHO, D7 and an Arrow

Just attempted to download the data (again) from ECHO on its' last pass 
over (EM12gh) Fort Worth, TX (1733 - 1746) using the most current keps as 
provided on the list. Still no luck!  Here is my setup for someone willing 
to help.

	Programmed frequencies:	AOS	435.160
			    		TCA	435.150
			     		LOS	435.140
	Menu changes:	TNC 1-4-1	Packet Band "B"
			APRS 2-M	Packet Band "B"
			APRS 2-N	Packet Speed "9600"

	TNC is in Packet Mode
	KISS on
	Squelch set to 2 bars (lowest setting)

Laptop Computer running tlmECHO

Arrow satellite antenna with 70cm aimed vertical.

After a minute or 2 after AOS, squelch is broken, the D7 shows 1 bar 
(sometimes up to 3 at TCA) but nothing appears on the D7 screen or laptop.

I have used the D7 and arrow antenna successfully on numerous occasions on 
AO-27,SO-35, UO-14, ISS, NO-44, NO-45, etc. So, as said earlier 
"AARRRRrrrgggh". Thanks for the help!

Greg Higgins  KB5GLV

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