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Re: MixW

> Can anyone send me the setup procedure for MixW to copy ECHO and the other
> digital birds. I can't seem to get the right combination.
> Thanks in advance.
> 73,
> Nels, WØTUP

I haven't played with digital since the Mir and Dove days, but Echo got me
interested again. Here's what I've done so far. My home station is a IC-910
w/ preamps, M2 30 element antenna for 70cm, and a 4 element beam for 2m, on
a roof mounted G5600. Shack computer is a HP AMD 350 with the lone serial
port driving a W0LMD mini-tracker.

I went to radio shack, bought the horribly overpriced mouse extension cable
for 12.99 and cut off the female end. Got out my 910 manual and multimeter
and identified the 9k6 data out and ground pins. Then I attached a 1/8 inch
phone plug to these. Downloaded Mixw to my desktop and had speed issues with
it running more than just Mixw (NOVA and Mixw didn't play together well on
the old girl), so I downloaded it to my laptop (Dell 2.4ghz Celeron). fire
up Mixw, put in your call and other stuff it asks for, kill everything but
the main window. Go to mode and click packet. Go to the bottom right and
where it says the speed (300 baud is the default i think), click there and
change to 9600.Now go to configure and down to sound device settings, change
the sample rate to 22050.If you are wired up right you should see yellow and
green on the waterfall tapering off to the right.

With this setup I copied something like 30 packets from Echo last night on
the highest pass. I left out some mistakes, like miswiring the plug, lol.

73, Drew KO4MA

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