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mixw to wisp


I tried two experiments yesterday after Echo was gone.

On two UO-22 passes, first I tried to connect WiSP where tlmEcho was, ie to 
the virtual comm port set up by MixW. Although there were lots of packets 
displayed by MixW, none seemed to get through to WiSP.

So for the next pass I temporarily borrowed the two hardware comm ports on 
this computer used for FSK keying and Rig control for the HF station and 
dug out of the storage box an old "LapLink" serial null modem cable (I knew 
I was saving that for some reason) and looped back the two comm ports, 
putting MixW on comm 1 and WiSP on comm 2. That worked to get packets to WiSP.

Does any one know if USB comm ports will work. It appears that the 
"virtual" comm ports will not work.

What a steep learning curve on WiSP. Ugh.

I have run out of play time for a while so have to get to work now.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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