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Re: Kenwwod TH-D7 + Arrow = oM

Angel (not on AMSAT-BB) reported using his D7 to monitor ECHO:

>>> <Santanaamt@aol.com> 7/4/04 11:43:01 AM >>>
>... I decided to test the Kenwood TH-D7 by itself: 
> put the vfo B at 435.150 Mhz pressing once the TNC
> button once to enter APRS mode and go to APRS 
>menu 2-M to choose vfo B as the Data channel and 
>to 2-N to set the baud to 9600; 

>then took the Arrow antenna and  pointed northewest: 
>the squelch began to open and there were signals 
>between S3 to S6 and the HT gave the message:
>"oM PACB-12" at 20-30 second intervals. 
>So far for getting started;. at least "listened" a new satellite!

Yes, and once they program the STATUS packet from
ECHO to report in APRS format, then anyone with a D7
HT can receive it and it will display on the radio directly!
Thanks for the report!



Angel Santana - WP3GW

P.S.  Interesting enough Go-32 was trailing behind ECHO and also heard
squelch open but no decoding. Mmmmm. . . .  if could adapt a Palm with
APRS. . . sound something for next year's Field Day. 
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