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Antenna Polarity and ECHO

Hi all,
For what its worth it seems to me that LHCP is the main one here tho 
there is a regular deep fade that RHCP improves. To me it indicates 
regular tumbling. Towards the end of a pass RHCP takes over which has 
always been my case, ie., the polarity as seen by my system changes 
as I lose the satellite.
Now rember only when the satellite and ground station are in 
alignment (bore sight) will circular polarity be achieved. At all 
other times the APPARENT polarity changes from circular to elipictal 
and many other possibilities.
The moral I have found one must be able to switch polarity otherwise 
the user is better of with a linear antenna, in fact when I started 
many many years ago I came to the conclusion that MOST times vertical 
outperformed horizontal polarity. A good switchable antenna is the 
one to aim for.
73 ron VK5AKJ (acheyJ)

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