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Tlmecho sometims dropping characters and packets?

Is anyone else seeing Tlmecho sometimes drop characters 
and packets,  or is it just me?

I've been replaying decoded data back into Tlmecho, and I 
noticed that every once in a while Tlmecho either drops a 
character ( for example, PBLIST loses a letter ) or the data 
part of the packet is blank ( Tlmecho displays from and to 
callsigns then a colon and the rest of the packet is not 
displayed even though it was sent to Tlmecho).

Sometimes Tlmecho also seems to act funny if he gets 
multiple KISS FEND character in a row.  Sometimes he 
reprints the last from and to callsigns without any data after 
the colon.

Is anyone else seeing this, or am I doing something silly 

Douglas KA2UPW
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