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Echo heard UK

Following telemetry copied here in UK at IO92NL:

PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-12   > BBSTAT-0 :Open ABCD: 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-1    > BCR-1    :BCR: batv=1315 bati=242 batsense=50 battop=1315
batlow=0 batt1=571 batt2=1133 sav=1241 sai=604
PACB-1    > LSTAT-0  :I P:0x13A8 o:0 l:32156 f:32167, d:0 st:4 e:01 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 
PACB-12   > BBSTAT-0 :Open ABCD: 
PACB-11   > STATUS-0 :B: 489301 
PACB-1    > TIME-1   :PHT: uptime is 001/17:43:52.  Time is Sun Jul 04
21:13:16 2004 
PACB-11   > PBLIST-0 :PB: Empty. 

maxel was calculated to be at 21:13:42 with 66 deg inclination, using
Object K tle and Sat+

Rx equipment is TMD700E, with a 3 ele linear yagi fixed to azimuth and
maxel position, running tlmEcho after I switch the TMD700E KISS ON with
Packcom and then exit Packcom without disturbing the TMD then start up
tlmEcho. Freq set is 435.150.

basically the satellite flies in the path of the beam into the position of
maximum elevation whilst hopefully the transmission dopplers into the very
narrow passband for successful 9k6 (even though you can always hear it).
This is my 9k6 beacon monitoring technique! Interestingly enough, while
with QUAKESAT I would be successful with the satellite West of me, here she
is East of me (Az 070 degrees) - maybe something in the orientation of the
satellite contributes to the strength of the signal?

My congratutlations to the Echo team

andy G0SFJ

callsign AT amsat dot org

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