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Another TlmEcho Experiment

Setup 1:

Antenna: Arrow dual band J-Pole @ 65'
FT-847 9600 PKT > (direct cable no interface) > MixW32/Sound Card TNC >
MixW32 Port Emulator (loopback) > TlmEcho Decode Software (1st instance)

Setup 2:

Antenna: M2 CP-30 14.5 dB Right Hand Circular @ 8' on az/el
Kenwood D7A(g) > serial to Com1 > TlmEcho Decode Software (2nd instance)

No preamps in either setup (it's muddy in my back yard!)

Computer: 550 Mhz Celeron, 256 mb ram, WinXP Home, Ensoniq PCI Sound Card

Notice I have TWO copies of TlmEcho running on the same computer. They are,
of course, running in separate directories with separate setup files. The D7
is running in KISS mode, set by HyperTerminal with "KISS ON" "RESTART".

This will allow me to evaluate one system against the other, with lots of
variables involved. Two different "tncs": D7 internal, MixW32 sound card.
Two different antennas: 2/70cm J-Pole @ 65', M2 CP-30 high gain RHC. Two
different radios: FT-847, Kenwood D7A(g).

The computer has not complained about two copies running and they appear to
be working. I'll know more with the 11:29 to 11:44 a.m. ECHO pass in a
couple hours.

...hasan, N0AN

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