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Help with IC-910 & TNC3

G'day All,

  I'm (still) having trouble getting my tnc3 , IC-910 & Wisp to work, my 
current problem is that I cannot get the 910 to
go into tx mode, Wisp sends the tx command the ptt light comes on in the 
tnc3 and nothing happens at the tx.
If I remove the 5pin din plug from the tnc and bridge, ground and ptt pins 
the tx "keys"  which would indicate that the tnc is crook,
the silly part of all this is If I go into SET mode and turn 9600 baud data 
"off" the tnc will trip the tx.

I guess what I'm really looking for here, is someone with the same 
equipment so I check that my settings are ok,
and to bounce some questions off, any offers with this would be most 
gratefully accepted.

Echo is turning out to be a little gem, can't wait until its fully 
operational, well done the Echo team

                                                Russ VK2BJP

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