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tlmEcho Pgm no Rx - Hyperterminal Ok

    I was not able to Rx any info using the tlmEcho program.  I am
successful Rxing telemetry using an ICOM 910 interfaced to an AEA 232 TNC
and using Hyperterminal on com port 2.   However when I try Rxing using
tlmEcho I get nothing.   When I configured it I assigned com port 2 at 9600
baud in the tlmEcho program but did not get anything.
    I don't know the difference between a kpc vs tapr TNC.
    My CPBINI.txt file looks like this shown below.  Anyone out there know
what is causing my problem ?   Please advise.

    Best regards,  Jim KL7QR DM33uq Peoria Arizona
;init file for TlmEcho
;com port number. Valid ports are 1, 2, 3, 4
port 2
;port data rate.  Must match the tnc
;supported settings: 9600, 19200, 34800, 57600, 115200
speed 9600
; y = init the tnc into kiss on startup
init n
; y = take the tnc out of kiss when program is quit, kissoff
kissoff n
; type of TNC.  'kpc' for kpc 9612, 'tapr' for tapr or pacomm or taper
tnc = tapr
; Callsign is the Users Amateur Call
Callsign KL7QR
; GridLoc is the Users Grid Locator
GridLoc DM33uq
; Lat and Lon are the Users coordinates
;Lat 35.56
;Lon 86.76

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