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Echo pass 0051 UTC QF02

Hello all,
Had another good pass from echo at 0051 UTC (ECHO time).
I'm glad someone confirmed the 600mW signal in this part of the world.  
I was expecting it to be as strong as UO-22.  Using the 'K' keps.

System here is rather unusual but works:
Antenna is homebrew 17el yagi (from AO-40 days)
Radio is modified YAESU FT-780, manual tuning.  I get peaks of S5 from
600mW signal and no pre-amp.  But there are some deep fades.  I assume 
its due to the satellite's tumbling and a linear yagi antenna.
Rotators under control from SatTrack and Linux.
Modem is a soundcard/soundmodem on the same Linux PC with packets 
routed through another serial port to an old laptop running TlmEcho 
under win98SE.
One of the rare times I've had Linux and windoze working together 
nicely (the win PC reckons it's talking to a KISS TNC, pity there 
isn't provision for a TCPIP connection between the PCs so I could 
free the second serial port). 

73 de David VK5DG

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