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ECHO Decoding Problem

HI all,

I did now several Test in decoding tlm from Echo. With different
results, but all more or less bad.
First I did some trys to decode Echos TLM with my Kenwood TM-D700,
the radio I normally use for UO-22, GO-32 etc. On the older Birds
it works fine, no Problems at all, but on Echo very poor....
I use a small 9ele Yagi and SSB-PreAmp. The RX-Level indicates
all "bars on".
After asking some OMs here in the Board telling me evrything fine
I thought my TM-D700 could have a Problem. So I took my Yaesu
FT-726r, solderd a discriminator-output at it and connected my
TNC-2H from Symek to it. Test with a local Digipeater at 9k6
where fine. But again with Echo very poor, really very poor.
Only with passall on some demaged packets. After 3 passes
with the same story i tryed UO-22, everything fine.....
Okay....next try with my (U)BC-780XLT. I also solderd a disc-out
to that radio, connected to the TNC and, what should i say?
The same $*$!?*.......
Listening to a local Digi, everything fine....

So now my big Question:
Has someone noticed a difference in the Signal of ECHO
comparing to UO-22 or GO-32??? Do they use different
bandwith?? Any Ideas or ist it only Murphy sitting in
my Shack just behind me?

Probably someone from the Echo-Team reads this an may
give me a hint?!?

Tnx, df1vb jochen

Jochen Althoff
JO 31 RM

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