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Echo 1700Z pass


As my grandkids would say - "This is so cool"

I did get MixW talking to the Comm Emulator talking to tlmEcho and watched 
all the telemetry values being decoded and displayed by tlmEcho. The 
discriminator meter stayed zeroed as Nova and the Radio Tuner tracked Echo. 
Am using the Object 28375 keps which seem ok.

Watched as the bird was being commanded and responding in the telemetry.

Now to clean up all this haywire stuff. Some of you digital guys might 
advise me - it seems while I have the "keyboard/mouse" extension cable that 
it would be useful to bring all the pins out to a terminal board so I can 
use the other signals (1200 baud data, PTT, Data In) if needed. But I don't 
know where I would use them yet?

But now when I go to start tlmEcho I get an error - "Error opening or 
creating CSV file". Now what??? It did recreate the CSV files before.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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