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Re: Echo Success MixW & Tlmecho

At 07:56 AM 7/3/2004 -0500, hasan Schiers wrote:
>Well, I got it to work. DO NOT GO THROUGH AN INTERFACE!!!
>WinXP Home, Celeron 550 Mhz, 256 mb ram
>Yaesu FT-847, PKT 6-pin mini-din pin 4 wired DIRECTLY to sound card line in.
>    (I used a Radio Shack Keyboard/Mouse Extension Cable # 26-149A and
>chopped the female end off.) Pin out follows below:
>MixW32 2.12 with its KISS TNC emulation and Comm Port Emulator (Mix). The
>com port emulator is a separate download, I used the later version that
>supports up to 10 ports and includes source code. Download at MixW site

Thanks Hasan,

Though I can figure out the pins, it helps others that may struggle with
that...been-there, done-it stuff! 

I will get down to my local RS to try to pick up the cable, already have
2.5mm phone plugs.  I briefly looked at adding a small shielded cabel to
the mini-DIN used in my 1200-baud packet cable (FT-847<->KPC-3) but no room
in backshell for that.  A separate 9600-baud cable is where I am heading.

I downloaded MixW (2.12) from the Ukraine site last night to my win-95
(P100/SB-16 ISA) and will see if that will work.  If not then, then I will
try on the win-2K (P3-866/Create SB PCI/64V).  I found the Com Port
Emulator sw there too (not downloaded, yet).

I will let the list know how it works out. 

73's Ed - AL7EB
PS: at 1708 utc (7-3) noticed slightly raised s-meter (s-4) on 435.154
(which I monitor) and a quick check of NOVA showed a grazing pass (-2.0 deg
elevation to east--range 3487 km).  I am using the keps with epoch time =
4183.1227440900 (from Ray Hoad kep-service) which seems to be good match
(lags the early launch-time keps by ten min).   

I am using a 20-inch Larsen mag-mt mobile whip mounted on 12x14-inch steel
plate laying on my flat roof with 12-foot RG-58 to my 432 preamp followed
by 60-foot of RG-213 to my FT-847 (shows s-3.5 noise floor, and over s-9
peaks on Echo).  Signal peaks between 435.154 and 435.151.  This antenna
tunes very well on 435-445 MHz.

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