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Re: Echo Success MixW & Tlmecho

Hi Hasan,
Thank you for all the great information. Been off the Sats. after 
selling my FT-736 five months ago. Just bought a FT-847 on E-Bay. Will 
be receiving it next week. I  will appreciate any informaion I get 
thanks. 73  Tom N9RPQ

hasan Schiers wrote:

>Well, I got it to work. DO NOT GO THROUGH AN INTERFACE!!!
>WinXP Home, Celeron 550 Mhz, 256 mb ram
>Yaesu FT-847, PKT 6-pin mini-din pin 4 wired DIRECTLY to sound card line in.
>    (I used a Radio Shack Keyboard/Mouse Extension Cable # 26-149A and
>chopped the female end off.) Pin out follows below:
>MixW32 2.12 with its KISS TNC emulation and Comm Port Emulator (Mix). The
>com port emulator is a separate download, I used the later version that
>supports up to 10 ports and includes source code. Download at MixW site
>Sound Card: Creative Ensoniq PCI
>In the emulator properties I set the com port emulator Pair 1 to use Com3
>and Com4 19200.
>I set Tlmecho to use Com4 at 19200.
>I told MixW KISS EMULATION port to use Com3.
>The 9600 baud setup screen in MixW has KISS emulation turned on, and
>Other than putting in my callsign and grid square and port number, I left
>all the defaults as they were in Tlmecho. (19200 baud).
>So: MixW TNC Emulation Port Com3
>      Tlmecho Port: Com4
>      MixW Port Emulator Pair Defined as Com Ports 3 & 4 (top=3, bottom=4)
>        Note: these are not "real" serial ports and do not show up in device
>With this setup I was able to decode my D7A(g) handheld at 9600 baud and
>have it show up in Tlmecho. I'm waiting for a pass to see if I decode
>telemetry, but I'm sure it's all working now.
>One oddity is that packets sent from my D7A(g) as N0AN-8, show up in Tlmecho
>as originating from N0AN-11. It must have something to do with how the KISS
>emulation stuff works.
>Radio Shack Keyboard/Mouse Extension Cable # 26-149A Pin out:
>Pin 1  Black - Data In (tx data)
>Pin 2  Brown - Signal Ground
>Pin 3  Red - PTT
>Pin 4  Orange - 9600 rx audio (to sound card line in)
>Pin 5  Yellow - 1200 rx audio (ditto if using 1200 baud)
>Pin 6  Green - Squelch.
>    Note: I did not connect the bare wire that is "extra".
>I only used Pin 4 and Pin 2, 9600 rx data and Signal Ground respectively. I
>soldered them to a 1/8 inch mini-plug (mono).
>To help with layout of the 6 pin mini-din:
>With the connector in your hand, pins facing you, black notch at bottom. The
>two pins at the top have wide spacing, the two at the bottom have narrow
>Clockwise from the bottom left pin: (wire color added corresponds to the
>colors of the wires, once you chop off the female end and unravel the foil
>Pin 6 GRN Squelch
>Pin 4 ORG RX 9600
>Pin 2 BRN Signal Ground
>Pin 1 BLK Data In (tx)
>Pin 3 RED PTT
>Pin 5 YLW RX 1200
>On a Win98SE machine, I was also able to get MixW32 2.12 to decode packets
>from Echo, but the com port emulator for Mix won't run on Win98, but at
>least I saw some actual data from Echo on this machine.
>On a different WinXP system, with a SoundMax Digital Audio setup on the
>motherboard, I was NOT able to decode the same handheld. Something looks
>very screwy ...as I can't get the background noise level to drop to anywhere
>near zero by adjusting the audio input level to the line in jack. I suspect
>a ground loop or something inherently incompatible with the sound card on
>the motherboard.
>I hope this long explanation is not too tedious, but I would have really
>liked this same step by step description to help me before I slogged through
>it myself. My apologies for the length of the post. Hope it helps some of
>you that may want to copy ECHO telemetry with nothing more than a sound card
>and the ubiquitous 847's.
>73, hasan, N0AN
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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