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Congrats the Emulators! Help with PK 232MBX?

All the emulator talk got me excited but I looked in my pile of stuff and 
found a PK 232MBX TNC.

After doing some research I find I have one of the "Older" models with a 
daughter board, with only one EPROM dated 1987 D1687. I know the software flopped 
all around back then to accomadate for different instruction sets, and its 
hard for me to follow the right path.

Is there a mentor or Elmer out there who might advise me how to use this for 
ECHO in it's present form? I know I can upgrade the EPROMS, however I have the 
capabilities to run operating systems all the way back to DOS 3.3 and would 
rather try it out in it's present form to see if the "interest" is there before 
anteing up the $$.

Off list is great, and I appreciate any and all responses!

Happy 4th to those in the US, well I guess it's going to be July 4th 
everywhere, so happy July 4th, 2004 to all!

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