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Nice Echo pass over East Coast (1500z)


Well I finally got to copy some packets from Echo using MixW. I have a PS-2 
extension cable stuck in my FT-847 and a couple of pins stuck in the female 
connector end with clip leads going to another cable with pigtails and an 
RCA plug on other end which in turn connects to the sound card lead that 
the AO-40 telemetry was on.

It works.

Using Nova and my Radio Tuner I had full Doppler tracking with a Satellite 
Transmit frequency of 435.153000. The 3 Khz is probably vfo error in my 
FT847. MixW printing lots of packets.

I downloaded the tlmEcho program but I could not find the MixW comm 
emulator in time to get that all connected together. For those looking for 
the comm emulator - I could not find it on the US site but did find it (two 
minutes before the pass) on the Ukraine site (http://mixw.net/downloads.htm)

Now to install the comm emulator to tlmEcho before the next pass

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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