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ECHO over Argentina

Tonight,07/03 at  03:00 UTC I can copied ECHO again
with a strong signals, peak of s9+, but with a big qsb.
The folowing is the text I copied using spirit tnc
PACB-1>AMSATN-1:PHTHXPB V 0.9 12/16/2003 2020 WD0E
PACB-1>LSTAT:A: 0x13A8, P:0x3000, o:0 l:40714 f:40714
d:0 st:2 e:01 rx0:546 rx2:0
PACB-1>TIME-1:PHT: uptime is 000/10:49:20.  Time is Sat
Jul 03 03:07:06 2004
PACB-1>TLMS-1:C0:05 C1:44 C2:76 C3:27 C4:04
73 Gustavo, LW2DTZ

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