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4XTECH PacSat copied near Echo freq

While working in the shack today between Echo passes, had left the D700 on
the Echo downlink 435.15. The squelch opened, and tlmEcho started displaying
the following data:

4XTECH-12 > PBLIST-48:PB: Empty.
4XTECH-12 > BBSTAT-48:Open:AB1C23:
4XTECH-12 > STATUS-48:B:50508721
4XTECH-12 > PBLIST-48:PB: Empty.
4XTECH-12 > BBSTAT-48:Open:AB1C23:
4XTECH-12 > STATUS-48:B:50508773

>From  the weekly satellite summary, I find:

Catalog number: 25397
Launch Date: July 10, 1998
Status: Semi-Operational.

Downlink:           435.225 MHz FM (9600-baud FSK)
                   (435.325 n/a - temperature problems)
Uplinks:            145.850, 145.890, 145.930 FM
                   1269.700, 1269.800, 1269.900 FM
Broadcast Callsign: 4XTECH-11
BBS Callsign:       4XTECH-12

Nova shows GO-32 made a near overhead pass when I was inadvertently copying
the data. Not being a "pacsat-er" I wasn't aware of GO-32. No particular
problem, just a point of interest. I'm still surprised to copy anything at
9600 baud, especially if I'm not even looking for it!

Ken, W7KKE, CN75xa

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