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Possible MixW ECHO Solution

I think we may have found the biggest source of the problem of not being
able to copy ECHO 9600 bps telemetry with the 847 and the MixW program.

Steve Egert and I have been chatting off list and the one common element
appears to be the INTERFACE....nearly all of us trying to use the MixW > 847
solution are also using interfaces of some sort, in other words, we are not
hardwired from the 847 6 pin DIN directly to the Sound Card line in.

Many of these interfaces have transformers for isolation, and others could
have some sort of RF filtering. It appears that the 9600 baud may not make
it through the interfaces.

Solution: get a 6 pin mini-din and hard wire it directly to line in. A ps/2
mouse cable will fit, but MIGHT NOT have the proper pins connected (there
may not be a wire connected to pin 4.

I'm going to follow up on Steve's lead (his started working as soon as he
went straight through and by passed the interface), looking for the 6 pin
mini-din today, maybe at Radio Shack.

...hasan, N0AN

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