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Re: 2232 w/echotlm

I'm using the 2232. I use tapr for tnc type,  init n and kissoff n. I take
the tnc in and out of kiss mode maually as the init y and kissoff y don't
appear to work with the 2232 here.

73 Jeff kb2m

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> If there is anyone that has been able to get the Echotlm program to work
with the AEA 2232 could you lend a hand. I need to know what you are
entering in the CPBINI.TXT file  for "type of TNC", "y=init the TNC into
kiss on startup", and "y=take the TNC out of kiss when program quits,
> Since there is no listing of the AEA TNC and the kiss on command is just
the word "kiss" and the exit kiss mode is three ctrl-C commands I wonder how
you would enter this.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. 73's << John

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