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Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

At home I use a dial-up Internet connection.  When I heard about the new AMSAT web site I feared that it would be extremely slow to download like some other web sites I know of.  I was very pleased to see that the web site downloads very quickly.  No large graphics need to be downloaded before I can identify the links (as a dial-up user I despise image maps with link names imbedded in a huge graphic image).  The coding for the automatic drop-down lists must be very compact because it appears very quickly.  There are just enough graphics to make the site look interesting and attractive, without taking a long time to download.  The web site looks very attractive, is very functional, and downloads quickly on my dial-up connection.  I think Emily has done an outstanding job of balancing form and function.

I agree, however, that it would be more friendly to allow "unapproved" browsers to access the site at their own risk, rather than blocking them altogether.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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