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Mobile and HT digital comms Experiments via ECHO

While we work on our stations in anticipation of ECHO 
comissioning, those interested in mobile or handheld live 
digital communications may want to read up on how we 
anticipate using the digipeat mode when it may be enabled.


AMSAT considers this mode experimental so it may
be only turned on on experimental days, but anyone with 
a 9600 baud TNC will be able to participate.  But the
real thrill will be when using the stand-alone TH-D7  HT
or TM-D700 mobile radios for front-panel-to-front-panel
digital communications.

Here are the capabilities of these radio front panels to 
display this information on each station that successfuly 
transmits a single 0.5 second data burst via the satellite:

Callsign, GridSquare
Position, Course and Speed (on mobile stations)
Antenna Height, Gain and Power (if fixed station)
ICON (1 of almost 200)
Distance and Bearing from own station
1 of 7 possible comments (Enroute, On duty, etc...)
Status Text (20 or up to 28 characters)
Type Station: (D7, D700, FIXED, MOBILE, WX, OBJECT, etc)
User Messages and Bulletins (45 to 64 bytes long)
Station location on a GPS map (if GPS is connected)

In addition, your station sends all of these data as well.
Plus you may format a message properly so it will be converted
to a standard Email for ultimate distribution.  All from your
HT with only an optional GPS attached.

Looking forward to some fun!

And don't feel excluded if  you dont have the D7 or D700.
Just hook your Pal-Pilot or other hand held or laptop
device to any 9600 baud TNC and join in...

de WB4APR, Bob

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